IR D5 | Food Dehydrator

Designed by Jaeyoon Lee of DESIGN MELT
Manufatured by L'EQUIP
Made in Korea

The IR D5 Food Dehydrator is a small home appliance to dry fruits, vegetables and make fermented food such as yogurt and cheese.
It stands apart because of its near infrared (NIR) lamp that dries foods as if they were basking in the sun, for less time than in ordinary food dehydrators. Or the food can be dried as if it was being dried in the shade.
These two methods have different LED colors to let the users know which mode they are using.
The door structure helps to maximize the dehydration efficiency as the remaining hot air inside circulates and maintains temperature uniformly.
The trays where the foods are placed are made of stainless steel to enhance food safety. Lastly, the machine features a built-in, automatic humidity sensor.